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Saturday, October 24, 2015

"The Last Saskatchewan Pirate"

"The Last Saskatchewan Pirate" is one of The Arrogant Worms' more popular songs, about a down-and-out farmer who takes up piracy on the askatchewan River, stealing shipments of grain and farm equipment from ships and bridges. He goes on about a Mountie who attempts to capture him, but fails and loses his job, and proceeds to join the crew. In the end, he comments about the arrival of winter and the river freezing over, and that he's off to New Mexico to plunder there during the winter.

The song was later covered by Captain Tractor, but the line "Cause they know that Tractor Jack is hidin' in the bay..." was changed to "Cause they know that Captain Tractor is waitin' in the bay" (The Official Arrogant Worms version Lyrics). Canadian a cappella group, De La Hoja, have also covered this song in their album, Have You Herd? This song has also been covered by Canadian country singer Brad Johner.

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