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Saturday, August 04, 2018

These 19 Kids Hysterically Outsmarted Their Tests

The 4th Answer… GENIUS, LOL

There are so many times that kids are a lot more clever then we give them credit for. We all know the saying that kids say the darnest things, well it couldn’t ring more true. Have you ever asked your kid a serious question only to be left scratching your head and giggling inside. I am not sure exactly what it is, but they have a different way of thinking that allows them to look at things from another perspective, not necessarily wrong, but for sure not the correct answer you were looking for. That is the case for the following 19 kid’s test answers. They used their imagination to come up with the best, yet hilarious answers to tests. Although some might be a bit inappropriate, you are sure to enjoy the following kid’s tests answers.

1. Seems like a valid answer to me. I wonder what answer they were looking for on this one.

2. He isn’t wrong.

3. Wait for it…

4. At least they tried, right?

5. LOL

6. Nice try.

7. Well, isn’t that ironic.

8. Good answer.

9. That’s a great way to solve problems.

10. This kid deserves an A.

11. How else would he solve it?

12. Seems like a reasonable answer to me.

13. Something like that.

14. Try to say the above answers without singing. LOL.

15. This kid is a smart one.

16. Good answer.

17. Because who doesn’t love a banana car?

18. Winner.

19. I think it is pretty clever, if I do say so myself.

These kid’s test answers prove that kids are very creative to say the least. They give answers to tests that aren’t necessary accurate, but most of them are pretty true and extremely creative. And lucky for us, they were shared so we could all get a good laugh.

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