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Saturday, July 07, 2018

Wise Words

Be Wise
Be Wise!Self-Improvement - The Importance of imagination

Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.

~ Albert Einstein ~

Be Wise!How Much Is a Tooth Worth?

The world desperately needs less of "a tooth for a tooth" thinking and more of "together for a tomorrow" thinking.

Be Wise!Zapping Static Cling

If you have problems with static cling in the winter, try using lotion instead of traditional static cling sprays. Just rub lotion into hands and apply to legs or even directly onto stockings where the static is causing your skirt or pants to cling. It works better than sprays!

Be Wise!False Sense of Being From The Truth

Society is a false sense of being. Humans have been given a great gift from nature, and we are destroying it. One who feels a great sense of essense in the mind of peace like meditation through his or her epiphany of the roots of their nature will they see truth. I say that out of anything else in life give me truth.

Be Wise!Light the way

Perhaps the best way to motivate others is to cast a beam ahead to where they already want to go but didn‘t know where it was or how to get there.

Be Wise!Guests

Guests, like fish, begin to smell after 3 days.

Be Wise!Cutting Calories

Substitute Greek yogurt for sour cream, the flavor and texture are so similar and the most important thing is that Greek yogurt has 75% fewer calories and two-and-a-half times more protein.

Be Wise!Green way to repel pests

Placing moist cotton balls with peppermint oil wherever the pests tend to gather will make them get out and stay out. Ants, silverfish, caterpillars and mice register the mint’s strong menthol scent as an olfactory alarm, which will keep them away.

Be Wise!Being

So long as there is one person starving, just one, we cannot claim to be either civilized, or human.

Be Wise!What is life?

Life is what happens to you whilst you are making other plans

- John Lennon

Be Wise!Life Is Nothing

Life is nothing if not a daring adventure!

- Helen Keller -

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