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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Fairuza Balk

Just who is Fairuza Balk? I believe that she is a fantastic individual, talented to the max. One of The Wizard's favourite actors.

One picture and you will know her!
Fairuza Balk - The Craft
She is soooooo much MORE than that!

The following is from her webpage. She is an accomplished artist as well! I implore you to check out her website.

Fairuza’s Story

Fairuza Balk was born Fairuza Alejandra Feldthouse Balk to Cathryn Balk and Solomon Feldthouse in Point Reyes, California.

She moved to Vancouver at 3 years of age with her mother. Following the footsteps of her mother and grandmother, Lavergne Leone Balk, Fairuza attended the Royal Academy of Ballet from 4 years old on.

Fairuza in Wizard of OZ
Her first film was a television film called “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever”, directed by George Shaeffer. The next role she was to play was “Dorothy” in Disney’s “Return to Oz”, now a cult classic.

Fairuza and her mother, Cathryn, moved to London, England for the filming. They continued to live there for five more years. Fairuza continued to make several films while in the UK, such as “The Worst Witch”, “Poor Little Rich Girl”, and “Deceptions”. Fairuza’s first theater experience was performed at the Royal Albert Hall for the UN and the British Royal Family. It was titled Year of the Child, and was a benefit to raise awareness of nuclear proliferation. As part of this production, she sang the lead in a 500 child choir before an audience of 2000 people.

Fairuza attended the Bush Davies School of Theatre Arts in East Grinstead, West Sussex, UK for 2 years. Then she and Cathryn moved to Paris for the filming of Milos Foreman’s “Valmont”, in which Fairuza played the role of “Cecile De Volanges”.
Fairuza in Valmont

After filming, they moved back to Vancouver BC, where Fairuza lived until she was 19 years old. During these years, she continued to make such films as “Gas, Food and Lodging”, “Shame”, “Imaginary Crimes”, and “Things to do in Denver When You’re Dead”. She began to live between Los Angeles and NYC, at the behest of her representation. She finally moved to Los Angeles after filming the role of “Nancy” in “The Craft”. While living in Venice, California for the next five years, she also kept an apartment in New York City. While in NY, Fairuza returned to the stage for a short period, including a performance in the play “Killer Joe”.

Fairuza in 2008
Fairuza continued to make films, while also beginning to delve deeper into her lifelong love for music and fine art. Her passion for music, dance and art, is in her bloodline. Both of her parents are multi-talented artists in their own right. Her mother, Cathryn, is a very well known and respected dancer, teacher, artist and singer. Her father, Suleyman, is a musical genius, mastering over 30 instruments, and specializing in Turkish, Hungarian, Romanian and Egyptian Romany music, as well as Flamenco. From the time she could walk, Fairuza was dancing, singing and entertaining on stage with her parents. Fairuza finally began to show her artwork in 2008, and is being represented and shown at Melissa Morgan Fine Arts Gallery in Palm Desert, California.

She began recording her music in the mid 2000’s, but abandoned the project for a couple years due to artistic differences with record executives. However, Fairuza began to record again in early 2010, and is looking forward to her first release sometime this year. She now lives between Los Angeles and Santa Cruz, California.

Vist Fairuza's website, buy some art if you like! Click here.

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