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Saturday, June 23, 2018

Dead Rock Stars - Illustrated Edition - Wes Funk

Dead Rock Stars - Wes Funk. Illustrated by Kevin Hastings

Wes Funk's classic novella comes to life again with breathtaking charcoal images by Saskatoon artist, Kevin Hastings.
Time doesn't heal all wounds...sometimes it takes something more. Quirky record store owner Jackson Hill doesn't know it, but his routine life in Saskatoon is about to take a bumpy ride. When his father dies unexpectedly, Jackson heads down the highway to his hometown in southern Saskatchewan. He knows the funeral will be rough, but he doesn't expect to meet a handsome stranger along the way or to face-off with his brother about dark issues of the past. A humorous tale of one man's fascination with rock 'n' roll, Dead Rock Starsis a stirring account of sibling rivalry, acts of forgiveness, and growing up gay on the Canadian Prairies.

I found this to be an extremlely satisfying read. Each time I picked it up, I was immersed in the life of Jackson Hill. I could not help thinking that Jackson was Wes Funk, even though that isn't completely true. But I know him and I thought parts at least were. You will not be dissappointed if you read this novel. Now its available illustrated , wonderful rock art by artist Kevin Hastings. Brings the book alive! Well done Wes! Aesome book. Waiting on your next one!

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