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Saturday, January 13, 2018

We are Anonymous

How Big And Powerful Is Anonymous?

What/Who is/are Anonymous? Cyber terrorists, freedom fighters, a group of hackers, revolutionaries or an organization? Anonymous is a movement. Anonymous has no leadership; if you believe in Anonymous, and call yourself Anonymous, you are Anonymous.

How big is Anonymous?

Anons around the world have moved from opposing Internet censorship and control to attacking governments silencing the people’s rights, standing for freedom of expression, animal rights, helping the less fortunate, protecting children from online/offline abuse, protesting police atrocities, questioning and exposing the arm-twisting tactics of the rich, safeguarding the activists, publicizing cyber security threats, and attacking the attackers – the terrorists.

Anonymous was born out of 4Chan, a forum popular with hackers and gamers, in 2003. However, that loose band of people has now gone beyond 4Chan, and has become something much bigger. While it is hard to predict the actual size of the group and their activities, we bring to you some of the most important and powerful operations carried out by the decentralized hacktivist community.

For information on the different operations carried out by Anonymous, click here.

We are Anonymous. The time for change is now. When you see this banana, know that we've been there.

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