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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The Moose Jaw Song ( "I've been to Moose Jaw" )

For those of you, the few of you, that don't know.... Moose Jaw is a city near Regina Saskatchewan. For those few of you that don't know, Saskatchewan is the easiest Province in Canada to Draw....

Moose Jaw was originally settled as a traditional Indian fur traders camp at the "Turn", (known as Kingsway Park today). A narrow crossing of the river, plenty of water and game for food made this an ideal place for settlement. It was a winter encampment for both Cree and Assiniboine nations, and there are burial grounds in the vicinity. The natural protection of the Coteau Range, provided the valley with many a "warm breeze". The Cree word Moosegaw with a "g" meaning "Warm Breezes" is translated to our city's name Moose Jaw.

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"Mac The Moose"

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