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Friday, May 05, 2017

Luck of the wood

This post is about a good friend of mine. His name is Cliff Woodworth, tho' I always call him Woody. He is sometimes told he has a special gift for bring good fortune to others, and himself, It's called: "The Luck of The Wood". He and his wife Cathy, live in Colorado Springs CO. That is where that big NORAD station is in the mountain. He kidded me about the Will Rogers monument up on the mountain, as I confused him with Roy Rogers, hehe... (Did you know that 'America The Beautiful' was written at the top of Pike's Peak? And that the writer was Katharine Lee Bates?
Pike's Peak

Anyway, Woody has a band. It's called "CD Woods", and he plays guitar and does vocal. He is very good, and the last time I was in The Springs, he gave me a copy of his disc, "Over Again". It has some of the best country that I have ever heard. He sings without effort and truly believes and practices what he says... '"Over Again" represents a philosophy I follow. The idea of accepting life's challenges is all part of each day's life experience and I can't wait to start it all over again."'

"CD Woods has been in the music industry for over 40 years. His performances have led him all over the United States and Canada singing songs of true-to-life experiences. Join in on the fun and humor of this singer/songwriter as he sings hits off of his CD debut of "Over Again". Enjoy the well crafted lyrics and velvet voice of this family style performer."

I value his friendship and I still remember that GREAT CANADA DAY party we hosted at my house in the country. The instructions were the usual, BYOB, BYOLC (Lawn Chair), and one not typical, BYOF (Bring Your Own Fireworks)... Well! Cathy and Woody brought some of the best American Fireworks, that I have ever seen! A truly memorable July 1. I still smirk when I remember seeing Woody proudly wearing his Canada pin (My mother in law gave him it), and waving a small Canadian Flag around!

And (again, without his permission, --Wood, don't be mad, eh?), I am posting a link to listen to a preview of some of the songs. You can also check out how to buy his CD "Over Again", and purchase your own copy. He uses CCNOW and it is secure.

Listen to 'Over Again'

Listen to 'Spend a Little Time'

Listen to 'What If Whatever'
Woody has a store, High Country Store, 243 Washington St, Monument CO, 719-481-3477, you can purchase his cd's there (Phone or Buy his CD! You won't be disappointed! Oh, and Tell him The Wizard Of 'OZ' sent ya!

"Hi Woody!" =)

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