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Monday, March 20, 2017

Gay Masons ?

Gay Masons ?

Can a gay man be a Mason? Though there are many people who would say no, I say yes. A gay man can be a Mason. A better question may be "Would a gay man want to be a Mason?"

Besides the obvious, i.e., I am a gay man and am a Mason, there is nothing in the history of the Fraternity to say a gay man can not be a Mason.

There are other gay men who belong to our Fraternity. I have met some in person and some through the Internet. There are gay men in Canada who are Masons. There are gay men in the United States who are Masons. There are gay men in England who are Masons. And, I am sure there are gay men throughout the world who are Masons.

And, a look at the history of the Fraternity can reveal some amazing facts.

Do you recognize the picture above? It is a picture of Oscar Wilde.

Many of us are familiar with the works of Oscar Wilde, including The Picture of Dorian Gray and The Importance of Being Earnest. And, many of us are aware of the fact that he was imprisoned for two years for alleged homosexual activity.

But, did you know that Oscar Wilde belonged to the Fraternity and is proudly listed among "famous Masons"?

Oscar Wilde was raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason on May 25, 1875 at Apollo University Lodge #357 --- a fact commemorated on a Masonic First Day Cover:

A positive answer to can a gay man be a Mason can be read on Rt. Wor. Gary L. Dryfoos' excellent website about Freemasonry ( http://web.mit.edu/dryfoo/Masonry/ ).

As Rt. Wor. Dryfoos writes:

But no matter what anyone might tell you, there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in the ancient landmarks of Masonry that forbids the membership of gay men. (Underlining is my own)

And from email correspondence between me and a certain Past Grand Master:

"Perhaps it would be prudent to keep this news to yourself; some of the members, may not accept this very well. Don't ask. Don't tell.". Some brethren asked me 'Why I was telling them this?' (that I was homosexual). I guess I should have listened to him (The PGM). But I don't like to have to pretend that it doesn't exist, (homophobia). It must, as I can not see another reason that only a few of my brethren have chosen to maintain contact with me when I moved away... No cards for when I was in hospital (for weeks at a time, I could have used a cheerful phone call, email or even a letter from my friends). No inquiries from brother's to find out how I am coping with life. Benevolence from The Lodge and certain members, have kept me in good standing, and that is appreciated, but why do I feel under restraint and unaccepted in and around members of my own Lodge? Is it just me? I may never know. I just wanted the brethren to know who I am, and being gay is part of that.

And, finally:

Masonry was supposed to teach you to drop your own plumbline and build true to that, and to respect the plumbline and the true building of others. Unfortunately, in my experience, not all Masons abide by this teaching.

*The Majority of this article is from: Gay Masons - www.homestead.com/prosites-douglasmack/GayMasons.html

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