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Sunday, January 01, 2017

The Ketchup and Fries plant

from TerritorialSeed.com

Grafted Ketchup 'n' Fries™

Grafted Ketchup 'n' Fries™

Potatoes and Tomatoes harvested off the same blimey plant! This exciting grafted combination was first introduced to U.K. home gardeners, and was a smashing success. Now this same tomato/potato grafted combination known as Ketchup 'n' Fries is being exclusively offered mail order to American gardeners by Territorial Seed Company. This thoroughly tested duo is the ultimate container plant, but will do equally well in the open garden.

Grafted Ketchup 'n' Fries™

You can expect harvests of over 500 red cherry tomatoes with a Brix level of 10.2. Makes for delicious snacking, salad toppers, drying and some very sweet ketchup!
Grafted Ketchup 'n' Fries™

Incredibly you'll be making your French fries from delicious white potatoes. They also taste great baked, mashed, or roasted.
Tomatoes are members of the potato family and are therefore naturally compatible with potatoes. Each Ketchup 'n' Fries plant is hand-grafted to create this unique double cropping novelty. There is no genetic modification—it's an all-natural process.
Plants come with complete growing instructions (not that you really need them as TomTatos® are easy to grow) and a certification of authenticity to demonstrate proof to your astonished friends. They are going to think Ketchup 'n' Fries are the Bees Knees!
Ketchup 'n' Fries TomTatos are shipped in 2 1/2 inch pots in our custom designed plant shipping box so you can be sure your plant will arrive in perfect shape. Brilliant!
Grafted Ketchup 'n' Fries™

PLEASE READ: Available only within the contiguous US.

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