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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Colorado mailman builds ramp for 14-year-old dog

Tashi the dog
Mailmen and dogs aren't supposed to get along. But for years, Tashi, a black Lab from Boulder, Colorado, has happily greeted letter carrier Jeff Kramer with a wagging tail. "He's just a really friendly dog," said Kramer. Now 14 and suffering from stiff joints, Tashi can no longer climb down the porch steps to say "hi" to Kramer. Eager to help his old friend, the mailman turned handyman and used his day off to build a ramp for Tashi. Now the dog can go in and out of his house as he pleases. "It's really a gift," says owner Karen Dimetrosky.

by Christina Colizza, TheWeek.com

USPS Letter Carrier Donates Ramp For Old Dog

"Hopefully he'll live a little longer. He's still happy. That's what we want. We want a happy animal," said Kramer. "Yeah, a mailman who likes dogs. Go figure."

-The Dodo

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