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Thursday, November 03, 2016

Reflections from the Shaman's Hut

by Trent Deerhorn

Healing from the Heart

We live in a society that treats people as possessions and things as precious commodities. That is what is the most messed up in our world. Is it any wonder that people have a difficult time connecting with their heart center? To do so means that one must change one's attitudes and perspectives. This is most challenging in a world that wants the masses to just follow along and tries to crush those who want to rise and shine. Connecting with one's heart center naturally flows into a healing journey, not just for the person who is doing the connecting but for those around that person as well. There is a ripple effect that takes place.

When healing happens, regardless of where it begins, it ripples through the person doing the healing and out into friends, family, community, nation, the world and beyond. That is because we are all intrinsically connected one to the other. We may see walls and boundaries, but those are only there in a social construct. What lies beneath them is a spider web of energetic connection to all sides, to the center, to the outer edges and so on. We can live our lives oblivious on a conscious level to these connections and things will still work...but not as well. If we do this we will be governed not by what we know in our heart of hearts to be true, but by what others force feed us to believe is true. And they only feed us that stuff in order to manipulate and control us, thus giving them more power in our world than anyone should actually have.

As we attune to the connection with All that Is, we find ourselves understanding the many effects that our thoughts and actions have on the world around us. We find really cool coincidences that happen. I consider coincidences to be moments when our path and Spirit's path coincide, rather than the contemporary understanding of the word to mean "accidental". We are thinking about someone and suddenly they phone us. We are needing a parking spot close to a door because of the rain and one appears just as we pull up. We are wanting to find a deeper purpose for our lives and someone needs our help. These are coincidences that move us in the right direction. They affirm for us that our consciousness is connected to "something" bigger than ourselves, no matter what it is that we choose to call that "something".

We also can see more clearly the negative effects that thoughts can have on us and those around us. We have a fear of rodents and suddenly our house is infested with mice. We have a fear around affording fuel for our cars and suddenly the price of fuel goes up. We fear rain and suddenly we are in a drought. There are always two sides to a coin. So when we are wanting to heal from the heart, what we are actually looking for is that deep understanding of the connection that is. We are wanting to have that connection ripple in positive ways. We are wanting it to create a "fine tuning" to all things positive. And it will do that. But to do so we must also remain AUTHENTIC. We cannot think that we are being positive while denying our grief or our anger. We cannot think that we are being positive by insisting that others only use positive terminologies. We cannot think that we are being loving when we are wanting to control the self-expression of those we love.

To be authentic we have to allow space of ALL of the ranges of experiences. Healing from the Heart does not in any way guarantee that negative things will not happen to us. Things happen every single day that can very much be experienced in a negative manner. Anyone who has lost a loved one to death knows this. But it doesn't have to break us. We can still heal from the heart while, at the same time, feeling the grief, sorrow, anger, frustration and so on. In fact, the mere fact that we DO feel those things means that we are already working on healing them.

As we heal from the heart level, we begin to become more sensitive both to our own personal needs
as well as to those of others around us. This leads us to take more responsibility in our lives. By responsibility I am not meaning "burdens". I am meaning the ability to respond to what is right in front of us. We sense when something may be needed, through whatever sensing capacities we possess, and we step up to that need and provide what we can. It maybe that a family is on extremely low income due to layoffs and we deliver a dinner to them once or twice a week to help them out. It may be that we see that someone is emotionally hurting from a recent break up and needs some friendly support. It could be anything at all. We simply begin to respond because our hearts will not allow us to NOT respond. We can try to not respond, but that will create an incongruency within us that will feel torturous. To alleviate the pain, we respond with love and compassion. We respond authentically. We respond from the heart. We heal from the heart.

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