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Monday, March 28, 2016

He Found These Kittens On A Dirt Road And Quickly Realized They Were Completely Abnormal

By Jake Brannon, Wimp.com
We hear a lot of animal rescue stories these days, but none quite as wild as this one. While walking to work one day, an 18-year-old named Hamdan Shibli discovered three kittens on the side of a dirt road. While some would have ignored these poor cats to continue their commute, Hamdan took the time to stop and care for these little creatures.

The kittens looked weak and their mother was nowhere in sight, so Hamdan relocated them to a nearby bush where they'd be safe. Shortly after, Hamdan was uploading pictures of his encounter online when he had a shocking revelation: those tiny kittens he'd helped to safety were no mere housecats ... they were jungle cats!

Jungle cats are a type of large cat native to Asia, and while they are not currently threatened, they have been experiencing declines in population. Hamdan rushed back to the bush where he left them, hoping that they were still alive so he could help them. Check out the images below to see the full story of Hamdan and the jungle cats.

Hamdan Shibli, an 18-year-old living in Israel, found three kittens on the side of a dirt road. He looked around but could not locate their mother, so he decided to move them out of the road to prevent further harm.
Jungle Cats --photo by Hamdan Shibli

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