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Saturday, January 02, 2016

"Stoner Sloth"

The New South Wales government of Australia had put together a video purported to ridicule those who smoke week. The message the video was intended to pass across was “You are Worse on Weed”. However, there are fears that the message may backfire and make people cling more to weed rather than let it go; that is, if public opinion about the video is anything to go by. The said video was designed to make people see the dangers and the unbecoming effects of smoking weed. It both made people laugh and also led them into deep and disturbing thoughts about the message.

The main character in the said video was Stoner Slough. He acted as weed addict in the video and he acted out the antisocial characteristics associates with a weed smoker. He was acting strangely in the public and was also separated from friends and would rather be on his own. He was shown to be performing poorly in practically every endeavour in order to depict behaviour associated with a weed smoker. His giant sloth outfit equally perfectly fit the description of a hooker. The Department of Premier and Cabinet of New South Wales in Australia was responsible for sponsoring the said video.

The sloth character is a lovable one and this is posing a kind of threat to the intended message being passed across via this video, as this lovable character may make people love rather than hate weed. The National Cannabis Prevention and Information Centre (NCPIC) has however distanced itself from this publication, saying that it was not consulted before the propaganda video was produced and publicised, though its name was used to cover the said video. The NCPIC had also made public they would ask the NSW government to print a retraction that will distance them from the message. The NCPIC insisted that the video is not a proper depiction of cannabis dependency.

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