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Monday, March 23, 2009

Canadian Tire - No Longer "More Than Just Tires" - now add Crappy service to the name!

Hmmm. Tried 2 times to post this story on their forum - it has yet to be 'approved' by CTC - could be they are afraid to post something from someone who is truly upset and looking to find a reason to shop at CTC again? Or perhaps they are willing to write me off as 'one customer who doesn't matter'... by the way - the tire doesn't appear to be leaking anymore

Let me tell you a story, I call Canadian Tire, Me and my $300.

On Monday, I had a tire blowout - then put the spare on and went str8 to Canadian Tire to get a replacement. I decided to buy 2 as I believe that they should be replaced in pairs.

Anywho... they replace 2 tires and are a good brand - GoodYear Allegra, I believe.

So imagine my surprise when I had to put air in one of them not just once but twice in 3 days...

So's I call the store around 3pm and they said, just bring it in and we will have a 'technician' look at it...

I arrive at the store at 530PM and am promptly told that it won't be ready until 645pm. Hmm, I think.. I asked, "Do I still have to wait that long? I just purchased the tires on Monday..." The service guy said, "yes, we have only one 'technician' on tonight and there are two other tire customers ahead of me.

I explained again that this is to resolve an issue with the tires I purchased on Monday. The service guy didn't budge. I mentioned that maybe they should look at my car first as (it was a complaint), but he cut me off saying "It could be a nail, you know with the weather and all..." I asked him what that has to do with it, I think the bead was not done right, resulting in a slow leak ... he mentioned that they would not know that until they got it in to look at. I said ok, and rather abruptly left with my partner and went to Sobey's for a coffee.

I came back at 630pm to see how much longer --he said he would check and disappeared for 10 minutes into the shop. He comes back out and says right away.

I walked over to the Customer Service desk and stated my complaint to the service clerk, knowing full well that the manager was standing within earshot. Anywho , amazingly, she had the same answer for me as the service guy.

So... finally at 715is my car was ready. The service guy said it was a bead leak and they couldn't help that. I said well, doesn't that mean that the tire was not beaded correctly when it was installed? He answered, he wouldn't no that.

I happened to catch a sign that states quite plainly (reading BETWEEN the lines) that Canadian Tire is NEVER responsible for delays in what time a vehicle is actually ready. they are very quick to blame EVERYBODY else, when in my case, it was the 'technician' who had erred in beading the tire. This would be best described as a "Not our fault" sign...

CTC not our fault sign

A funny note: While I was complaining about the lack of service, I actually received a computerized phone call from Canadian Tire telling me they "valued my business and if I had any concerns to contact the Service Manager, Mr. Funk..."


So when I go out and buy the next 2 GoodYear Achieva's, i will go to Kal Tire or such. In my books, Canadian "Tire" is no longer about Tires and their service is tired as well.

For me CTC = come take a chance!

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