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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Wizard's Magic Mirror

Guffaws, applause, hooplas boos. Tell me, tell me, tell me, do. Magic mirror, give me pause.
Do all my friends have fun reading 'OZ'?"

The Wizard's Magic Mirror

I see: Bill, Erwin, Calvin, Bran, Brian, Vince, Barb, Susan, Ann-Marie, Shawn, JIm, Cynthia, Judy, Chaz, Robert, (My Dad!), Jack, Daryn, Connie, Bob, Kelly, Ben, Cathy, Woody, Carl, Kerri, Pam, Barb K, Dale, Crystal, David, David C, Dwight, Lon, Jordan, Ken, SalTCBug, Tali, Vilija, Wanda, Jackie...

If you don't see your name here, don't fret! Perhaps I shall see you the next time I bring out my mirror!


The Wizard.

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