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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Queen gives Nazi salute in new play

A controversial new play about Princess Diana which shows the Queen giving a Nazi salute has opened in Germany.

Queen give Nazi Salute

Christoph Schlingensief now plans to bring his play, Kaprow City, to the London Frieze Art Fair in October.

The German artist is also making a film version in secret in the UK to be released at the end of the year.

The opening performance of the play at the Volksbuehne theatre in Berlin, was a sell out success and very few tickets for the remaining performances are still available.

In the play, a comical looking Queen, played by German actress Karin Witt, is seen giving a Hitler salute, something which is illegal in the country but is allowed on stage under artistic licence.

According to reports in online media Princes William and Harry are "distraught" at the thought of a new play about the tragic death of their mother.

But an unrepentant Schlingensief rejected the reports and said he had even sent the Princes invitations to last night's premiere, adding: "After all, Harry has already been seen in Nazi uniform."

He is currently filming a movie version of the play with director Lars von Trier in both Paris and London. But he refuses to give out any details about the shoot.

Schlingensief added that filming in London will have to take place secretly because he thinks British people "over react" to anything involving the late Princess of Wales.

He said: "Diana is considered a saint in England and everyone turns into a nervous wreck as soon as you mention her name.

"I am very interested in what happened in the hour of her death, it fills me with artistic inspiration."


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