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Friday, March 31, 2006

Statement from Egale Canada / Énoncé d’Égale Canada


March 30, 2006

Egale Canada advances equality and justice for “LGBT” people -- lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans-identified people, and our families, across Canada.

Our members are proud that Canada is an international leader in promoting human rights. On the world stage, Canada is a beacon of light in a world still too often darkened by ignorance and intolerance, whether viewed from Iraq – as James Loney and his family know – or even from the U.S., where many of its citizens come here to get married.

If Canada shines on an international level, it is in large part because of our enlightened laws. One of them is the right of same-sex couples to equal marriage.

Last year, Parliament adopted equal marriage legislation. MPs voted to uphold the equal rights of LGBT Canadians while also enhancing religious freedom. It is the Canadian way: equality while respecting diversity; complementary rights, not competing rights.

That historic vote on equal marriage concluded 3 years of intense debate. Since then, the sky hasn’t fallen and we have social peace on the matter. Even Canada’s top CEOs agree that we should live and let live... and move on.

We call on Parliamentarians and especially Prime Minister Stephen Harper, to uphold equality of all Canadian citizens and reject the idea of reopening debate on last year’s equal marriage legislation. 66% of Canadians want you to move on and deal with other pressing issues, some of which are highlighted here this morning.

Il est temps de passer à l’action mais de poser des gestes qui reflètent le véritable consensus canadien. Égale Canada est fier de la réputation de notre pays à l’échelle mondiale comme défenseur des droits de la personne.

Cette réputation s’est bâtie grâce à des positions éclairées, notamment à l’égard du droit égal au mariage civil pour les conjoints de même sexe. Le projet de loi adopté en juillet dernier fut le résultat d’un débat exhaustif. Depuis, une paix sociale s’est installée. Les citoyens et les citoyennes souhaitent que le gouvernement passe à autre chose et non pas qu’il resuscite les vieux débats. Nous appellons donc le Premier Minister Harper à indiquer qu’il mettra de côté son projet de rouvrir le débat sur le droit égal au mariage.

Comme nous le constatons ce matin, il y a plusieurs autres questions qui exigent davantage l’attention de nos parlementaires. Merci.

Rainbow Bear

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