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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Election 2006 Action Alert - EGALE


Monday, January 23 is Election Day.

With less than one week left,
Stephen Harper’s Conservatives are still ahead in the polls.

Now is the time to take action. It’s easy! Just visit www.egale.ca/election to find out how.

Some say it doesn’t matter, equal marriage is safe. Don’t be fooled. If Mr. Harper becomes Prime Minister equal marriage is in jeopardy. Trans equality is in jeopardy. The Supreme Court is in jeopardy.

Many people think it will be impossible for Mr. Harper to take away our equal right to marry. If only that were the case!

Party Leaders in respect to LGBT rights The equal marriage legislation passed by 25 votes. That means if only 13 supportive Members of Parliament are replaced by those who want to take away equal marriage, opponents would have a majority. If Mr. Harper becomes Prime Minister, it’s likely the majority of Parliament will be against equal marriage.

How about Mr. Harper’s promise not to use the notwithstanding clause? Doesn’t that mean his heterosexual-only marriage law would be doomed? Not necessarily.

Just last week two political science professors wrote in the Toronto Star that Mr. Harper’s promise not to use the notwithstanding clause may be temporary, and by the time the Supreme Court rules he could wriggle out of his promise.

In the meantime, if he becomes Prime Minister, Mr. Harper will be the one appointing new Supreme Court justices. There’s a vacancy now just waiting to be filled… and more to come.

Our opponents are mobilized. They’re engaged in a mostly quiet, backroom campaign to elect MPs who will take away equal marriage. They’re communicating within their networks. They know now is not the time to come on strong with mainstream voters. They don’t want to jeopardize Stephen Harper’s deceptive moderate image.

Some say Mr. Harper really is “moderate” and doesn’t care about taking away equal marriage. But does that make sense? Doesn’t it make more sense that this is merely a deception to lull Canadians into believing he’s not so scary? Does “moderate” really describe someone who did everything in his power to delay and destroy Bill C-38, who’s voted against every advance in our equality since 1995, who says we’re not even protected by the Charter?

Stand up for your rights!

Does “moderate” describe someone who said to an American right wing think tank that “your country, and particularly your conservative movement, is a light and an inspiration to people in this country and across the world”?

And will Mr. Harper not be beholden to his socially conservative base who, after the election, will step up the pressure for him to take away equal marriage?

There’s no doubt about it. Prime Minister Harper would be a major threat to equality.

Egale is working to spread the word, and to warn Canadians that leopards don’t change their spots.

But we can’t do it without you. We need your help, both to support Egale and to take action before it’s too late!!

Taking action is easy. Just visit Egale’s election website at www.egale.ca/election.

Egale has been working hard to gather and post information about local candidates, including sending out over 1,200 questionnaires to see where they stand on LGBT issues. The results are being posted on our website at www.egale.ca/election.

Find out where the candidates stand. Volunteer with supportive candidates. Invite your friends to take action. And donate to Egale.

The choice is yours. Take action now and ensure equal marriage is safe and progress can continue. Or spend years fighting for something you thought we’d already won, wishing you’d done more.

Egale is fighting, but we can’t do it alone. You are our strength. Apathy is our weakness.

Please go to www.egale.ca/election right now. Educate yourself, volunteer, tell others, and donate to Egale so we can continue the fight.

Please also pass this message on to friends, family and other LGBT equality supporters.

There’s little time left before Election Day. Don’t let it slip by without taking action. Don’t wake up on January 24 wishing you’d done more.

Laurie Arron
Director of Advocacy
Egale Canada

Stand up for GLBT rights

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