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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Robot scientists control live mouse

Robotic scientists in China have succeeded in 'controlling' live mice.

Robotic scientists in China have succeeded in 'controlling' live mice

Experts at the robot research centre in Shandong Technology University controlled white mice by stimulating micro-electrodes on their heads.

The mice obeyed computer-generated commands to, in succession, "turn left", "turn right" and "move forward".

Project manager Su Xuecheng said animal robot research is the merger of electronic communication and biology, creating a new scientific discipline.

Scientists believe it will eventually lead to new ways of curing disabilities as electronic signals are used to replace damaged nerves.


Anonymous said...

Just one word... cruel. IF it was an experiment for a cure of some sort I would approve.

Sheldon dinkleburg said...

It is a cure people with paralysis could have there life back I'd sacrifice a mouse for a human life everyday of the week if you want to be negative go shut down a pet store if think this is cruel you haven't seen anything about how those rodents are abused and neglected.