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Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Prom Queen - A Review

Marc HallAaron Ashmore

Well, Prom is over! Did you watch it? I did and I am left somewhere in the middle as far as my feelings about the project go. There were many things done well and many that could have been done better.

First, let me speak on the acting itself. In one word: TERRIBLE!

Second, the screenplay: they (The writers) had a great opportunity to shine more light on the trials and tribulations of growing up gay in a strong Catholic home and in the community. I feel that the writers completely slammed the Catholic community, and did not touch upon what is actually most wrong with the Church, not their morals, but their steadfastness to change of any kind, homosexuality is but one of them.

Third, the movie paints all Catholics the same way... Even the 'approving teacher' ended up siding with the Catholic cronies. This, after she promised Marc that she would support him. Not all Catholics are homophobic, but most hold the catechism and doctrine close by, after all, most believers are afraid of God and also afraid of the repercussions that supporting human rights may put their afterlife in jeopardy. (I'll take "HELL" for $1000, Alex...)

Fourth, the homosexual community is supposed to be standing for equal rights for all people, regardless of age, sex, ethnicity, sexual orientation, AND religion. The painting of the school principle as a weak minded man armed only with his microphone and the phrase: "No exceptions!", is, I believe, an exaggeration. I went to a Catholic school and I never met anyone like that on the faculty. But then again, I was already in the closet by then.

Fifth, the lawyer: Ok, so we all like to take potshots at lawyers, I believe that the writers wanted to inject some humour into the film, with the character (or lack there of), the lawyer... PLEASE! A license plate reading "ISUE4U" is something that did not need to be included. Lawyers are also victims of discrimination. Not all lawyers are "scheister &#185 lawyers"...

I had also chatted both with Marc and his mother while he was going through this and I felt that the film did not show the effects of Jason breaking up with Marc as much as it effected him. Marc was quite distraught. I also read many posts where he felt helplessly controlled by the media. They should have explored the homophobic students (and their slurs yelled at Marc) that eventually came around to rally with Marc on his challenge before the school board and the courts.

Overall, I feel that the writers did not do the topic justice, as, it was portrayed more like a soap opera, ('Gay as Blazes' &#178, comes to mind, heehee), and some important points were missed, including the whole debate about the separation of church and state that went on during Marc's court case.

Well, at least they got the colour of his hair right! Just my thoughts...Now I must go and converse and otherwise hob-knob with my fellow wizards.

&#185 Sheister - \Shy"ster\, n. [Perh. From G. scheisse excrement.] A trickish knave; one who carries on any business, especially legal business, in a mean and dishonest way. [Slang, U.S.]

&#178 Gay as Blazes - a ficticious soap opera from the show, queerasfolk, as a spoof on the actual show queerasfolk.

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