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Saturday, May 22, 2004

Students Set Naked Roller-Coaster Record

Coaster Does Up To 4 1/2 Gs

Thrill-seeking students went out Friday trying to set a new world record in Surrey, England riding a roller coaster naked.

Braving cold weather and pouring rain, 82 students took their clothes off and boarded one of England's toughest coasters.

It was a successful attempt to set the first world record for the largest number of people to ride a roller coaster naked.

The Nemesis Inferno ride is one of the fastest in the United Kingdom.

It includes several 360-degree turns along a 799-yard course and gravitational pulls up to 4½ times the level normally felt on earth.

Staff at the Thorpe Park theme park organized the event to coincide with the park's 25-year anniversary.

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