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Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Thieves dump moody alligator

Zoo officials say thieves who stole an alligator called Mr Cranky Pants released him again after discovering how moody he can get.

The four-year-old alligator was snatched from a reptile park north of Sydney over the weekend, but was later spotted in a nearby creek.

Al Mucci, of the Australian Reptile Park in Somersby, said: "Mr Cranky Pants is a cranky pants, he gets moody and so they probably messed with the wrong alligator and dumped him."

The culprits had scaled two barbed-wire fences and climbed into an alligator pit to steal Mr Cranky Pants.

It is the third time an alligator has been stolen from the park in the past two years. Mr Cranky Pants will now undergo a quick medical check before he is reunited with his family.

Mucci said: "He looks relieved to be back. You can tell with alligators by their eyes whether they're stressed or not stressed, and he looks glad to be back."


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